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Clint Miller

College Station, TX
Hi! I often hear people say they grew up in a small town. When asked what town it was they grew up in they usually reply something like Temple or Sugarland or even Waco! Those town each have like 50,000 plus people. Waco has 120,000! (I googled it) No, when I say I grew up in small town I mean it... Bellevue, Texas; population 333 by the last census. I had 19 people in my graduating class, and it was a large class. My parents were both school teachers, and we raised Angus cattle. I even had a pig once. He bit me on the butt though and became bacon shortly thereafter. I didn't stay in Bellevue for long. After high school I went to college at Texas A&M and majored in Geology. During school I spent one month in Italy and went backpacking around Europe. I thought, "Man! I have really left home now." Little did I know that after college I would move to the Middle East. I lived in Syria for two years studying Arabic at the University of Damascus. Wow! It is safe to say I have gotten around some. Now, I am back in Texas getting my masters in Environmental Geochemistry. I plan on pursuing my PhD soon. The interesting part of my story though is not how I grew up in a small place and moved to big places and became great in the process. No, the real story is how I started out small myself, and a big person came and let me be big with Him. I am talking about Jesus. I know. I know. We have all heard about Jesus. He was a good man right? A great teacher? What I am talking about is real and much bigger than that. He literally changed me hope. Have you ever been changed by someone? If you have then you remember the impact they made in your life. Now imagine if that person had given you more than just a new viewpoint. Imagine if that person revolutionized your thoughts, desires, and dreams. What if that person looked inside you? I mean really looked inside you, and knew the things that nobody else knows. You feel naked. You are totally laid bare and vulnerable. Now, imagine that person smiles to you. He looks down on you with love and compassion and he holds out a gentle hand. Jesus. You learn He is more than a man. He is your hope. He died so that He could look down on you kindly and offer hope where there was none. Jesus. Do you know Him?

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