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Statt Riddlebarger

San Antonio, TX

When I was 12 years old I realized that living a good life on my own was impossible and I gave my life to Jesus and began trusting in Him as my Savior and Lord. I did that understanding that Jesus came here as God in the flesh and that Jesus’ death on the cross was actually a payment for mine and others' sins and offered me forgiveness and heaven. (John 3:16-17) In giving my life to Jesus I was accepting these truths. Today, by God's leadership, I'm trying to follow in Jesus’ footsteps as revealed in the Bible. Reading about His baptism at the start of His ministry I publically accepted Jesus and followed His example by being water baptized. As a follower of Jesus I wanted a church that teaches the Bible. I joined a Bible teaching Church for this reason and began to learn how to be a good follower through Sunday Bible Study classes and regular worship. Years later I heard God's call to become a pastor. My Pastor advised me to continue my college education and go to a Bible Seminary. I attended SWBTS to prepare for a life of serving and today I serve Jesus as a Pastor of His people. As a Christian I know for certain that when I die I will go to heaven. Until then, I am actively growing in my understanding of the living Jesus and joining Him in what He is doing. Part of that lifestyle is inviting others to enjoy the wonderful life I have. The church I attend is a wonderful place in which to learn about and accept Jesus. I invite you to come as my friend. Jesus loves you and wants to bless your life. The Pearsall Road  is a small Christian fellowship in southwest San Antonio that will both encourage you and help you grow. When you come, please let me know as my wife, Pat, and I would like to know you better. If you'll join us for lunch, the first one is on me.